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Our Speakers

Charlotte Passemard 

(Director of Success, Aircall)

Charlotte successfully scaled Customer Success at Aircall from an early-stage startup to a 300+ employee company.


Ludovic Leleu 

(Customer Support Manager, The Cookware Company)

Ludovic Leleu leads a team insures best Customer Support while respecting the company's values, ethos & brand image.

markus-schiemann-premium-plus 1.png

Markus Schiemann 

(Solution Consultant, Premium Plus)

Markus helps companies expand in the German and Dutch speaking markets through marketing, sales, and product development activities.

You'll Learn: 

Where the omnichannel dream falls flat for most businesses,

How you can address data challenges, through every channel that you interact with customers,

How to achieve omnichannel success and the best solutions to drive long-term customer value.

It's time to put Customer Experience first.

Join Aircall, Premium Plus & The Cookware Company to learn how you can do it better.