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A bit about our Panelist, Clare Muscutt

Known as the Queen of Customer Experience,

Clare is a powerhouse in helping teams build stronger customer relationships. 

Clare works with clients around the world to help put people at the heart of design so businesses can maximise return on investment by creating value for customers, employees and the business.


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Our Speakers

Charlotte Passemard 

(Director of Success, Aircall)

Charlotte successfully scaled Customer Success at Aircall from an early-stage startup to a 300+ employee company.

Susana de Sousa 

(Senior Support, Loom)

Susana was hire #6 at Loom scaling the Support team. Having worked at Airbnb, she has the skills to drive customer centric initiatives.

Matthew Meeks 

(Global Programs, Front)

Matthew drives key initiatives that accelerate Customer Success Programs across thousands of Front users around the globe.

Customer Experience comes down to 4 simple questions:

Was their journey personalised?

Did they resonate with your brand?

Do they trust you?

Do your services bring them value?

You'll Learn: 

The big changes impacting Customer Experience today.

Concrete examples of how Aircall, Front & Loom teams help deliver great Customer Experience.

Actionable tips on how you can reduce friction & humanise the customer journey.

It's time to put Customer Experience first.

Join Aircall, Front & Loom to learn how you can do it better.